Celebrate World Burger Day with McDonald’s and find out which burger fits you the most!


Everyone loves McDonald’s. It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid, and parents let you go there only on Children’s Day or a fit, healthy eating person on a cheat day. Their worldwide known menu with inimitable burgers lures almost every kind of person on empty stomach.
But have you ever considered, that there is one type of burger made especially for you?
In order to celebrate The World Burger Day with McDonald’s, Post Sticker created
an interactive Smart App, which allows you to find the one most suitable for your personality. The Smart App asks users questions about their personal preferences, like best place to take
a nap, as who would you dress up for a party or simply about your favorite music genre.
That’s enough for our Smart App to match you with one of McDonald’s famous burgers.


Our Apps work perfectly as a tool to engage users and generate more traffic on brand’s fanpage. This kind of content does not only make brands Facebook page more eye catching,
but also helps in attracting new fans as numerous comments and reactions make the post go viral. If you are interested in hearing more about our offer, please let us know. Post Sticker team is at your full disposal at contact@poststicker.com

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