Did you know that brands have personalities? Tell us something about Tullamore’s character and win some delicious prizes!


Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the loudest holiday celebrated. Not only in Ireland but also in the US. It is not a surprise then, that one of the most significant Irish whiskey brands – Tullamore Dew, organized a competition for their Facebook fans. To make it even more attention-grabbing, they decided for a Post Sticker App.

This time liaison between Post Sticker and Tullamore Dew resulted in an interactive, open-question App. In order to participate in the competition, users had to keep a receipt after buying a bottle of Tullamore and point out which celebrity does he or she associate with the brand. What is more, to lure more users to fight for prizes, the App presents them to the fans just before they start writing an answer. It only makes users desire the win even more!


Post Sticker’s interactive Apps playable directly in Facebook’s News Feed are perfect for such competitions. Not only can they be boosted and targeted just like any other casual post
on Facebook, but also are much easier to operate for users than old-fashioned Facebook Apps. Thanks to collection of all the users data and statistics, Tullamore Dew could easily conduct
a competition and determine the winner after all.

Want to run a competition on your brand’s Facebook fanpage? Maybe you have some other idea for a Post Sticker App? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Post Sticker Team is waiting for your message: contact@poststicker.com.

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