From News Feed to TV – how Facebook users have chosen via Post Sticker the ending of TV commercial

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Virally speaking, the ongoing campaign of Polish Bank BGŻ, , has gone wide enough to grab the attention of many, not only in social media, but also on air. And by “on air”, we mean the traditional medium – the good old TV. Post Sticker was invited to take part in this challenging initiative. The whole concept was pretty straightforward; the brand has released a teaser video with a “all-knowing” TV presenter who made a bold hypothesis that „you can’t save money by taking a loan”. Apparently, he also challenged the “viewers” to choose the action performer by him if it turns out that he’s wrong. ! And that’s where Post Sticker smart app has come into action; one clip, three different show endings and the decision about their release left to the Facebook users.


By voting via Post Sticker’s You Tube Quiz, Facebook users were deciding on the ending of the full version of TV spot. At that moment it was pretty obvious the smart host of the show was not that wise and will have to shave his had bald, wear high heels or bark like a york, depending on the numer of votes Facebook fans made their choice via our app and the very moment we got the results “le grande finale” was released on TV. Bank BGŻ offers a cash loan that proved the presenter wrong – see for yourself what happened next!

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