Go through the cool features of the new LG cases smartphone cases in our interactive Smart App guide!


Smartphone case is something almost everyone buys right after purchasing a new device. High-tech, functional, expensive gadget like this requires some kind of protection. No one would like to crash his brand-new smartphone at the first time it slips out of one’s hand. But must phone cases be some common, rubber, tacky things we are cursed with? Luckily LG doesn’t think so. They released a case especially tailor-made for LG G5. Not just a usual one though – not only does it look way better than most of those common cases, but it is also multifunctional. In order to make their new product’s awareness skyrocket, LG used our Post Sticker’s Smart App on their Facebook page.


An interactive App, playable on Facebook’s News Feed, presented all the numerous features that new LG Quick Cover offers. Post Sticker’s slideshow scenario found a perfect use in this situation. Each screen, which user can scroll directly, without opening a new tab, showed another usage of exceptional LG’s case. Unique product requires unique marketing action.
Post Sticker App again steps up to the mark. Our Apps work perfectly as a tool to engage users and create a traffic on you fanpage. If you have some questions or want to hear more about Post Sticker, don’t hesitate to ask! Our team is here for you: contact@poststicker.com

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