How on-line shops turn Post Sticker’s smart apps into sales tool

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Summer time equals sales season, and that’s true for 99% of e-commerce businesses around. Everybody knows that and everybody asks the same questions – how to collect more leads at that time, especially via Facebook. Since it’s no longer „a free” marketing channel, mainly due to the lack of any organic reach, the question has just got a bit more challenging.

But it hasn’t been left alone without any answers. Our latest solution Post Sticker could be the answer you’re looking for. Here is the thing; all post need a boost, right?! If so, then boost the ones that will convert and sell. While we could help your on-line shop with the first, the latter is just up to your offer. Let’s take a look a two of the recent Post Sticker’s implementations that stick right to the point.

Speak your offer! How on earth your potential clients should know about your great sales if they don’t know your offer. One of our partners, an independent sneaker store PanPablo have come up with an interactive form of their offer just before the summer sales frenzy. Those guys have teased their potential clients with a smart quiz related to the brands their offer. By asking a number of simple questions; origin, product-lines and composition-related, their potential customers could not only get to know what brands and products they offer, but also get a sneak peak of the story behind them all. Interactive and interesting at a time. At the end of the day, every 30th person could grab a free gift by leaving their e-mail and click-through to the on-line shop sales offer on their website. Two birds with one stone!


Announce, announce and announce. It’s pretty obvious where sales are, but the major drawback is the timing – try buying something that is not out of stock or avoid missing your chances cause you’re late for the sales. Use Post Sticker’s countdown smart app like one of the leading independent fashion on-line shops did and tell your potential customers when it begins. not only announced their summer sale by using Post Sticker’s countdown but also let people know by using collected in Facebook News Feed e-mail addresses. As ising on the cake they fired off a slideshow with chosen best deals, right where the users are – in Facebook News Feed. Their customers could simply slide through their best offers and „click-to-buy”!


There are many ways one could transfrom any of Post Sticker’s smart apps into converting tool, should you need any assistance, or help with dec.

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