My place, my case – Bank Zachodni WBK amplifies their grant contest with Post Sticker smart apps

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Bank Zachodni WBK, one of the largest and most innovative financial institutions in Poland, a member of Santander group, has proved its progressive attitude big-time, especially for our company. But let’s focus first on the background, just for a sec. The bank itself has come up with an idea to support any local initiative that could turn out to be worth investing in and invites anybody who is eager to change their surroundings by applying in a grant contest! There’s more to it, the stakes are high! It’s not just one time deal – there are hundreds of financial awards, from big ones to smaller, depending on the needs of a local community. Take a look around you, we’re pretty sure there is something you would love to change, describe it, join hands with any municipal community and give it go!


We especially liked the idea, and we were even more pleased when Bank Zachodni WBK asked Post Sticker for support. Teamed up with a great team of people, knowing their thing in finances, we were assigned our task; pretty straightforward for our company – to accelerate spreading the word on Facebook by means of our smart apps. To support such valuable initiative we have decided to promote it in a very natural way – Slideshow the offer! We have divided the contest offer into two main segments that our Slideshow smart app was supposed to … slideshow – possible areas of grant support and obviously advantages of being a contestant. Two various Facebook smart apps, fired off solely in News Feed and clicking users through to the source of the source – BZWBK grant contest application form. Simple, yet meningful.


Two is a company but three would be even better, so we have come up with one more Post Sticker smart app and took advantage of celebrity endorsement and have used You Tube Teaser format. The bank teamed up with a well-known Polish actor who as an ambassador of the grant contest has recorded a tailor-made teaser especially for one of our smart apps. It’s been click to play and listen, literally, three times in a row!


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