Nestlé quizzed up their fans right in their main focus area with Post Sticker. See what happened…

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Off-peak time, lazy and extented weekend of June turned really fruitful for Nestle as they have decided to entertain their fans with one of smart apps. Our partner 121PR agency once again proved their skills and went for a completely unheard-of way of engaging their dear Facebook community – smart apps fired off solely in News Feed.

The aim of the quiz was the simplest possible, to show off and test ones knowledge about Nestle products. The brand asked specific questions about the composition of the products from their offer. To bait their fans a little, the first 30 people to get all the answers right and leave their e-mails with the brand (in News Feed, mind you), were rewarded with free Nestle gifts. Not only did the brand collected a good amount of leads, but also entertained their fans in a very innovative and barrier-less smart app.


Nestle quiz was created on the vary basic Trivia app format (see a sample here) solely via creator literally within an hour and everything went smooth and quick. The timing was crucial here, even though the campaign lasted for 48 hours during the weekend, the brand hit the bull’s eye. Take a look at the stats below:

over 2,2k users played the smart app
95% of users who played the app left their e-mails
over 80% clicked-through to a landing-page provided by the brand

Numbers speak for themselves. Nestle quizzed up their fans beyond peak hours and got it perfectly right!

If you want to give a try for your brand just drop us a line. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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