T-Mobile chose Poststicker.com to JUMP over the competitors’ offer

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We have just rolled out our news service called Poststicker.com and yet we have great news that we want to brag about for a day or two, if you don’t mind.

Our solution has just turned two weeks and the smart heads at NEXT Agency already took great advantage of it to serve one of their partners – T-Mobile.

One of the leading mobile networks T-Mobile has just introduced their new tariff plans called JUMP. In general, the idea behind their service is based on a customer choice process. As complicated as making up your mind and choosing the best mobile provider may seem for customers, T-Mobile got rid off the frittering away details and simplified. They got the dilemma of their potential customers chests and state the obvious; T-Mobile is the best place to be.


On day one, the JUMP launch time, T-Mobile invited their Facebook fans to take part in a short and interactive quiz right in their News Feed. The task was simple enough to engage and bring good deal of fun to an obvious customers’ dilemma – What’s Better?! Fans were asked to choose from various sets of pictures and pick the best, only to discover that in T-mobile they don’t have to choose, they will feel it’s just the place to be. In order to show what the brands meant users were redirected to T-mobile’s JUMP offer landing page from the level of the last board of the quiz. As a bonus, in between the quiz part and click-through generating board, T-Mobile rewarded the first 500 players that leave their e-mail, within the app in News Feed, with free topups. Ground-level entrance barrier, no messy tabs or extra permissions neccessary that’s where the action took place.

How was it done? Our solution, Poststicker.com is a self-management tool for creating smart apps that are fired off solely in News Feed, and it currently offers 12 various formats that may be easily customised and branded via your own creator. We wanted to share the news with you in order to prove how easy it is to pick, redo the default engines and make apps stand out for your brand’s purposes. The T-Mobile “What’s Better” app was based on classic YES/NO quiz format, it’s just a matter of smart content management and copywriting that was left to be done by marketers.

Take advantage of our solution and start engaging your potential clients today. If you’re not sure which app formats would serve your purposes best drop us a line and we’’ll make sure you make the right choice. We’re here to assist.

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