The largest power producing company GK PGE educates and entertains with Post Sticker smart apps

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We subconsciously knew it’s was about to happen but equally strong hope for that, finally, one of our partners have used Post Sticker’s smart apps in order to educate. What’s more, the largest power producing company in Poland, GK PGE has decided to target much younger audience than the usual Facebook campaigns go for. They have used two highly entertaining YouTube clips, tansformed them via Post Sticker’s tool into entertaining and knowledge-based movie quizes, and in the end collect users’ emails.

The great thing about our recent Post Sticker’s implementation is the content itself. Our friends at 121PR, the agency that supports GK PGE, has cooperated with two various YouTubers and came up with an idea to use their educational movie clips and turn them into interactive Facebook posts fired off right in users’ News Feed.


The two YouTube productions were aimed at, more or less, two different age groups, one presenetning interesting, but tricky experiments was targeted at teenagers (adults alike), the other in form of a hero-like expert chit-chat with kids was aimed at a bit younger audience. To keep the long story short, they have put the clips into our YouTbe quiz app format, prepared a number of content-based questions and assigned 4 possible answers to each one of them. In order to get the answers right users had to watch the movie and while doing that make the right choices. To make fun a bit more interesting, the tricky questions were presented randomly out of a given number and for reaching 100% correctness users could win some free gifts from GK PGE. Doesn’t it sound like a win-win situation?!


To sum up, what really made us and our partners happy was the fact that the clips themeselves and their implementation via Post Sticker’s smart apps have moved the whole experience to another level. Not only could users do what they usually do with YouTube clips, learn useful things (some of which were really suprising for all of us down here) but also share something they own in exchange for nice rewards – their emails. Hurray!

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