One of the leading pharmaceutical companies, USP Zdrowie has used Post Sticker to run an opinion poll!

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We haven’t’ been there yet, the pharmaceutical market that most of us know down here in Post Sticker is strictly a consumer part of it, but this time we have managed to partner up with a internationally known company USP Zdrowie, founded as US Pharmacia that has for over 20 years, been the trend setter in the market for over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, representing by such leading brands as Ibuprom, APAP, Gripex, Stoperan, Vigor, Verdin, Xenna and many more. We have acted directly in favor of one of their brands Stoperan and their social media campaign called “I am not running” – a wink toward common diarrhea issues ; )

Alongside their BTL and media campaign with strong impact on the summer regions, Stoperan has come up with an idea of creating a ranking list of top seaside areas and let poeple speak their mind. We were asked to create a smart app that would make the wish come true.

On the basis of Post Sticker’s poll app we have designed an opinion poll that would instantly collect all the results and present them in a form of a ranking list on a dedicated landing page. The smart app is playable solely in Facebook News Feed and acts as an interactive post that boosted accoridingly can bring really good results. By slideshowing the list, users simply pick the destination they want to evaluate and they make their marks in 5 categories on a 0-100% scale. Right after casting their vote hey may also post a personal comment about the beach and approve everything by filling in the email and name form.

In 3 easy steps users get their chance to speak out loud their opinion and recommend or criticize anything they have experienced during their summer holidays. To tease people a bit, the Stoperan awards the best comments on a daily basis with some cool holiday equipment pieces. While on holidays, people usually browse on mobile, Post Sticker smart app for USP Zdrowie is well adjusted to those circumstances and mobile-ready. We’re really looking forward to seeing which seaside area is truly number one!

If you have an idea or like to chat about your needs just drop us a line and we’ll make sure we could help you a bit and come up with an extraordinary solution for your brand.

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