A fun social media contest makes fans happy, and Happy Socks know something about happiness!

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Happy Socks, a premium bodywear reseller teamed up with Post Sticker to perform a really good looking promotion.

To diffuse the news about the opening of a concept store, a contest was launched. It consisted of one open text question and the most amusing answer would win a HS pack. We can say that the winning one was really hilarious! This is the best in the Post Sticker’s open text contest feature – people having fun writing answers. Organizers also have fun reading while they decide about the results. What’s also important, the organization of the contest is neat – using a Smart App to organize a competition makes it easy to bypass the Facebook communication. When we intend to, of course. It’s facile to get answers in one place, distribute the results via Emails and, at the same time, gather leads for further promotion and targeting. Leave the comment section for happy contestants.

We’re always happy to help? Tell us about your idea for an app at contact@poststicker.com, we’ll come up with a mock up in no time!

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