Absolut gives away the invitations through a Smart App game. All abroad the Absolutely fabulous party! #bluenight


Summer was slowly fading away when Absolut reached out to Post Sticker team so the two Smart Apps would play an important role in the upcoming social media campaigns, in the autumn! Here it goes…

Absolut has created a wide promotion leading to ‘The Blue Night’ a special party planned by for the autumnal equinox 2016. It is about to eventually be an annual Brand’s event. According to the original idea of the brand, Post Sticker team have developed an app that enabled News Feed visitors to get invitations for the party! As you can see, this custom Smart App included a finding game – the player’s task was to find the items concealed on the special image and click on them. Once the condition of finding all four elements was fulfilled, users could enter the next stage of the contest. Here, you would find open text question that allowed for a free argumentation of user’s presence on the Blue Night party. After the Email collection and the set of agreements, the final screen appeared. It included an option of sharing the app and a click-through to a page where users could sign up and get alll the news about the #Blue Night. What’s worth mentioning, Post Sticker’s app had the exclusiveness for the distribution of invitations on Facebook.


Second Smart App was oriented on gathering opinions about a contest previously performed on the Absolut fanpage. To encourage people to take part, it was combined with a contest and users could choose one of Absolut bottles that they would like to win. The whole point of brand’s social media presence is the contact with fans and clients. Smart Apps allow for any kind of News Feed interaction you can think of. In the discussed case, the information collected from fans was pretty detailed so it can serve as a universal example. Check boxes, Yes/No questions, sets of images, open text questions or videos, it’s all here. Brands are more than welcome to join!

For absolutely best choice and creation of interactive News Feed Posts, hit us up at contact@poststicker.com, we’ll prepare a visualization of your idea!


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