Align three tech symbols… HPE, the innovator, surprised fans with a Stick and Play game!


HPE has reached out to Stick&Play to create a simple, but highly interactive game. Is there a better way to run a competition than personalized and branded game? The company invited their fans to match at least 3 same products. The purpose was to score as many points as possible in a given time. Believe us, it can be really entertaining!

Users’ personal scores were recorded so the best score wins. Having finished the game, users were asked for their e-mails so they could be informed if they won. As you probably presume, after completing the game and hoping to win, people were more willing to share their personal data. So you can see that our Smart Apps with a lead collection rate of 45% are a pretty efficient tool to collect leads through the News Feed posts.


If you want your Facebook content to be more innovative, interactive and engaging, consider giving Smart Apps a shot. Don’t hesitate and send us a mock up request at Our creative team will prepare a free visualization, so you can see how it works on your own branded example.

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