Alior Bank gathers advice for Polish football team and gives tickets away in return!


When it comes to watching sports, everybody finds himself as an expert. Before Euro 2016, even my aunts were complaining about allegedly too intense training camp of our football team and worried about Robert Lewandowski health. The truth is, until training staff doesn’t take in consideration our prattle, there is nothing bad about such form of caring about beloved players.

Alior Bank, as a strategic sponsor of Polish football team, decided to gather all these pieces of advices for single players and let people feel listened. They organized a contest through Post Sticker App, in which users have to jigsaw thematic puzzles and then answer to question about the best way to prepare for such important match. Any incentive to write down own thoughts? One hundred of tickets on match Poland – Romania at stake to pick up.


Post Stickers app are fully adjustable and the range of possibilities is infinite. Puzzles are great way to draw users attention to provided picture. The interaction is essential to make people focused on ad’s content. Associating bank with the most popular sports team in country? Can’t find better image improver. No matter if you have an own idea how to promote your brand efficiently or count on our opinion – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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