Are the stats not enough? Measure your campaign’s performance with a Smart App and get direct feedback from people, like Prudential did!


Prudential is one of the most influential insurance companies on polish market. Despite cut-throat competition they remain on their high position and keep satisfying records every year. Offers do not differ substantially between insurance companies, but details may be the thing that would catch customers attention. That is why Prudential decided to create unusual campaign: not particularly advertising, but one that analysed impact of their previous promotional posts on customers.

Thanks to our Smart App Prudential was able to compare their previous advertising campaigns on Facebook. At each part of the questionnaire users were asked about their feedback upon specific advert or to choose the best one out of three presented. Our intractable App enabled users to vote without entering any other website or even leaving Prudential’s News Feed page. What is more, each customer, who took part in the survey could sign for a competition to win a 100zł Empik voucher! But the real winner here is Prudential: not only did they boost their brand awareness by reaching wider range of users, but also gained very important information which they could later use during planning future campaigns.

Post Sticker’s Smart Apps are interactive and playable directly in Facebook’s News Feed. They have the same potential as other posts, which means that they can be promoted and targeted to particular clients. Our offer also includes a free mock up of an App created for a client within in 24 hours! All you need to do is to send us your requirements, description of your dream App. Not only can you choose from one of our panel scenarios, but also we can create a custom App adjusted to your needs!


If you are interested in hearing more about what we offer or want to establish a liaison, please let us know. Post Sticker team is at your full disposal:

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