Average organic reach is declining, so the only cure is to stop being average.


Do you know what is the worst possible answer to any given message? According to marketing principles, a lack of response. Some time ago Facebook, as a giant platform of content sharing, was decisively the best place to perform free of charge brand promotion. However, during last few years, the crowd of marketers behaved too loudly, shouting on News Feeds through unlimited stream of posts. As quantity rarely goes hand in hand with quality, Facebook decided to silence them and significantly limited the organic reach of each post. What does it mean
for marketers? Their message will not be responded since can’t be heard.

Interactive and engaging posts are more visible.

On the other hand, the change in Facebook algorithm put a pressure on administrators
of pages in the attempt to enforce creating more interesting and engaging content. Posts receiving numerous reactions and comments are visible much more frequently and have
a good impact on further organic reach of a given page. It works the other way though.
No content should be posted accidentally – put simply, Facebook is no longer a place for social media marketing amateurs. Desire to promote a brand usually must be followed by a significant budget put behind.

SPAM is never the right answer.

Short riddle: what do you call an unattractive content focused on reaching broad masses?
Four letters, the first is S, the last is M. Congrats, but besides this question, spam is never
the right answer. When performing your marketing campaign, you have to draw attention
to various engagement metrics like average time spent on page or number of reactions
and comments. All these metrics increase your organic reach and build a positive image of your brand. The advice is simple: if you decide to allocate your money on Facebook marketing, use paid reach as a subsidiary tool to boost the right, highly developed and interesting content.

Post Sticker Smart Apps let you gain many advantages
in different ways:

- They actually benefit from Facebook algorithm. Smart Apps are treated as videos and this type of visual content is promoted the most.
- This is the only lead-collecting tool which can be embedded into Facebook post, so your expenses on either the app or increasing reach can be covered with gathered leads.
- Unlike standard Facebook apps, these ones are all free of any access-gates. You can learn more about how much it matters here.
- Even if you have no idea how to use Post Sticker Apps in your marketing campaign, our team includes marketing specialists who can always provide some fresh, visualised drafts tailored
to your brand.
- Innovative format makes users curious about an experience, so the apps have always a wide appeal.

If you are interested in solutions making your Facebook campaign effective, turn to us
at contact@poststicker.com and make sure you’ll reach your audience.

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