Be fast or be last! Users got Time-Challenged in their News Feed by Beerlovers

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You haven’t seen it before! We haven’t seen it either but times have changed and here at Post Sticker we constantly try to stay ahead of the game. This time we have come up with a completely new smart app format called Time Challenge that we would like to share with you. Forget the default form of it, even though it may surely be a benchmark for many, let’s focus on what the smart app looks like when implemented for one of the partners, namely Beerlovers, run by the leader of Polish beer market Kompania Piwowarska. We have truly enjoyed working with those guys, not only because of their offer (sic!), but certainly thanks to the fact that they, like we do, stay open-minded for all sorts of novelties. Way to go! Let’s see it.


The whole idea was based on a Quiz smart app with one significant difference – the time limit for giving an answer to the posed question. The Beerlovers interaction slideshowed a number of logos representing their beer brands, i.e. Carlsberg, but fontless and users had only 5 seconds for picking the right brand the semi-logo represents. After a few screens they were also asked to come up with a catchy slogan to the latest TV commercial and by providing their emails confirmed their participation. The Time Challenge quiz was played directly in Facebook News Feed and all data gathered via the smart app that the users left voluntarily has been collected by our admin panel and shared with the partner in the end.

To say the least, the smart app not only provided great content for presenting the company’s offer, but also “sucked in” a great deal of beer-loving enthusiasts by this fast, yet highly entertaining engagement. Brands’ activities don’t have to be long, it’s completely opposite – keep it short but meaningful.

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