Bite into the Big Apple with Stock and Post Sticker! Explore the symbols of New York in a 360 experience!


Would you like to visit the city that never sleeps? Stock Polska has recently provided the perfect opportunity for people to have a chance to bite into the Big Apple. The “I <3 New York” contest they organized was made possible by our Post Sticker 360 app.

Participants had to identify which of the depicted monuments are a part of New York’s landscape, and then answer a question, requiring some creative thinking. The winners received a prize in a form of a bottle of Stock Prestige Sparkling. That’s not all - the contest was actually
a way of promoting another competition they were organizing, where the lucky winner was awarded with a trip to New York! Our apps are trusted and widely used by popular brands. They know that with interactive content comes a high click-through rate, so they use it whenever they’re interested in getting a high reach of their marketing actions, such as contests and giveaways.


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