Black Red White believes in their furniture, so the new collection is an advertisement itself!


The main marketing goal of every company is an efficient promotion that makes it broadly recognized and increases sales. However, there are brands that are known by everyone in some countries – or at least by their target group.

Black Red White is one of the biggest producers of furniture in Poland. They are broadly known thanks to innovative design and high quality of their wares. So, what can they do more to boost their sales? It seems that they found a solution and turned to us for a Post Sticker Smart App that encourages their followers to get acquainted with their new collection. The users’ task is
to answer few questions about the new BRW campaign and the style of their novelties. These ones who completed the quiz correctly and creatively described the meaning of collection’s name could win valuable prizes from the brand.


Our Apps offer over 40 editable scenarios and almost infinity of custom solutions so we ensure you that every brand can benefit from using Post Sticker. You have an idea for a Post Sticker App? Write to our team:

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