Black Red White proved that one little hamster can make a big difference!


The role of mascots seems to be taken seriously mainly by sports clubs, but brands can benefit from them also. It’s hard to compete with NBA mascots who hit hotshots from halfcourt, however their role is always the same – improve the image and make it more approachable
for youngsters.

Black Red White, Poland’s largest manufacturer and distributor of furniture, adopted hamster as their new mascot. On that occasion, they launched our Post Sticker game. Brand’s fans can try their luck with catching The Hamster who runs away from the kitchen. The app also contains a contest part – 40 plush Hamster mascots are waiting for the most creative responders, who answer ‘What makes a kitchen ideal?’ question. Black Red White proved that you don’t have to organize big events like sports matches to benefit from having an own mascot – they used our solution to make it present in people’s homes!


Spreading fun and joy amongst your fans has greater marketing value than you may think.
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