Braided or Curly? Party-goer or a nature lover? Babyliss has introduced a new product with a series of Smart Ads among their FB fans, outside social network within editorials and on beauty-related sites!

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Here at Post Sticker’s office we like to call the interactions we offer Smart Apps! The story behind it is very simple yet meaningful, business and marketing-wise. How to explain to our partners what we do? How to call all those interactions that we provide. The answer is pretty simple – let’s call them apps cause that’s what apps used to do and it is the closest existing counterpart. But wait! Not anymore! Apps has turned out be just another closed-minded idea and inside-the-box way of thinking. It took us some time to get it right but finally we’ve made it! Ladies and Gentlemen – please meet the Smart Ads!
(not a spelling mistake)

We’ve come up with the name by one of the latest creations we had a chance to take care of, for the French brand Babyliss. they have introduced a new product on the home-hairdressing market but wanted to make it big-time! We have prepared a series of apps when we have noticed they’re not apps anymore! All the quizzes exposing products, opinion polls, photo and video teasers and contests were simultaneously displayed on Facebook, within variety of editorials and as interactive pop-ups on a series of beauty-related sites. That’s right – they’re Ads, and they’re all available for everybody in all pricing plans.


How on earth one can call an app something that is not an app anymore and is used as an interactive display on sites! Post Sticker offers Smart Ads and let’s keep it that way.

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