Brewing beer in an app on Facebook? Well, it surely makes sense when you can win some real beer!


Zlatý Bažant wanted to acquaint their fans with their new product, march beer, and share out some sets of it. The whole promotion was composed of two apps. The first one, a one-screen countdown, was there to build up the tension, get the subscribers and prepare people for the main course!


The second app included 6 screens and some custom-made flash features to play with! The idea was to lead users through the process of brewing. In order to go to the further screen, participants needed to choose the correct production parameters. And these included: temperature of roasting the malt, adjusting the amount of extract in the back and choosing of the typical, amber shade of the ready-to-drink march beer.

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It’s like you had to know the prize before getting it! But don’t worry, no killer questions here! In case of a wrong answer, the app would ask you to try again and continue. Once the brewing is finished, users get a chance to win 20 cases of beer by simply typing their email addresses. The brewing app, as much as the whole campaign was made to be simple, fun to use and educational about the product. Job done, who’s up for a cold one?


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