Candy wants us to catch white laundry! Entertaining way to run a competition with a Stick and Play game


Candy has invited us to play an interactive News Feed game. There is no better place to run the competition. That’s why they reached out for branded and customized game. The rules are simple as that: just try to catch as much white laundry as you can. But be careful, you don’t want colourful clothes in your basket! The purpose was to score as many points as possible, but remember, three mistakes ended the game. Believe us, it can be really entertaining!

Users’ personal scores were recorded so the best scores win. Having finished the game, users were asked for their names and e-mails so they could be informed if they won. As you probably presume, after completing the game and hoping to win, people were more willing to share their personal data. So you can see that our Smart Apps with a lead collection rate of 45% are a pretty efficient tool to collect marketing leads through the News Feed posts. We shouldn’t also forget that Smart Apps are playable directly in News Feed, and since treated as a regular post they could be targeted and boosted, so that make them even more effective.


CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

Post Sticker provides best interactive tools to engage Facebook communities. What’s even more cool, you can create your Smart App in our Creator by yourself! Believe us, it is super simple! In case of any questions you can always ask our creative team to engage! In case of any questions hit us up at!

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