Carlo Rossi doesn’t surprise – makes summer even more enjoyable!


Holidays spent on sightseeing or by the lake? Both ways are good if you surround yourself
with friendly people! Sometimes a bottle of wine is advisable, if you want to make your evening even more special. Well, Carlo Rossi is a true specialist in spreading positive mood, especially with their new refreshing line of products.

A Post Sticker Smart App on their Facebook page is another example of their great strategy
for the summer. Carlo Rossi provided ten digital cameras and thirty inflatable flamingos (Cool!)
as prizes for the brand’s fans. There is only one question to answer: ‘What does refreshment with Carlo Rossi mean for you?’ To be sure that real wine amateurs will be awarded, the app requires providing a code written on receipts, proving the purchase of a Carlo Rossi Refresh bottle. Smart Apps can be linked directly with databases, so the most of IT logistics remains
up to us.


Organizing contests is a great tool when it comes to promoting brand, but the right frame
and place are essential to get the best of their potential. If you want to know how we can enrich your marketing campaign, just get in touch with us at

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