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Social media can be a useful tool for a noble cause too… And Post Sticker is happy to participate! Join the R-AEDI quiz and get rewarded for your excellent knowledge of heart issues (and we do not mean the romantic ones)!


What would you do, if someone next to you would have a sudden heart attack? We usually don’t think about that on daily basis. Living quickly and dynamically often means unconsciously, especially when health issue is concerned. Unfortunately, world’s statistics speak for themselves. The number of people dying from heart…

Do you like chocolate? I bet you do! Wawel ran a survey to find out what kind of chocolate is the most popular among cooks and bakers and what are they using it for. Sweet, huh? Let’s see how it’s done


Wawel is a famous Polish chocolate manufacturer with over 100 years history. Now Wawel is searching to find communication with younger consumers, more Internet-focused audience. They did not have to look far for the best social media support. Wawel turned to Post Sticker for a super engaging content and got…