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Plant Trees by Making Wishes with Luminus and Post Sticker!


Most people love receiving wishes equally as much as giving them. We find joy in doing good to others. The most intense time for spreading wishes, during which people post countless pictures, comes during Christmas holidays. Imagine if there was an alternative benefit from greeting people, say – if for…

Vote for your favourites and decide who wins!


Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards has been aired since 1988, which means that next-years gala will be the 30th anniversary of Oscars for kids. The division from India decided it deserves a celebration and asked us to help them gather as many votes, as possible. Being a part of such activation…

Lajkonik does its best to bring some special MEMOries back!


A role of positive associations related with advertised products was always important, but nowadays it seems to be a crucial factor in the success of every marketing campaign. Commercials were always full of celebrities, but their task was formerly limited to draw people’s attention and say something nice about the…