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Pearson gives advice and benefits from it as much as their customers do!


Learning languages by tedious rewriting words is dead as modern tools let you fully use your brain’s abilities to assimilate knowledge. However, people significantly differ, so it’s almost impossible to create one course which will be convenient and useful for all. That’s why Pearson, a leader in teaching English through…

Lay’s are for the people, so the flavours are up to them too!


The times when crisps had only few flavours ended a long time ago, as people’s tastes become more and more demanding and sophisticated. However, launching new flavours is a huge challenge for the brand, since one failed experiment may harm company’s image for a long time. So, how to be…

Henryk Kania entertains its fans and avoids being scrolled down!


Scroll; video including ‘tag a friend who…’; scroll, scroll, some advertisement, scroll… Despite Facebook is the most popular Social Media platform, it still deludes us with tons of content that we are not interested in. Breaking such boredom seems to be an answer to ‘how to entertain my fans and…