Check out how Vaseline teamed up with Post Sticker to interact with fans! Twice!


Vaseline is a brand that truly responds to their customers needs with wide product rage. Everyone can find the perfect fit. But imagine standing in a crowded drugstore, trying to figure out which one is better for you… You just want to grab one and go home. Having problems deciding? Not with our Post Sticker App!

We created a simple yes or no app that vividly describes every type of skin and need, from how dry it is to texture and smell of the product. It`s a simple solution and it helps customers making purchase decision while in a comfort of browsing through Facebook News Feed. With no unnecessary fuss! And it doesn’t`t stop there! If a customer is interested he can take part in a contest. All in one place. It`s that simple, easy and it looks great!

It`s always the biggest complement when a global brand like Vaseline orders second app, shortly after the first is a great success!

The all time classic Vaseline product is Vaseline Jelly. It`s famous for many interesting ways of using it. It would be very hard to showcase a few of them in one regular Facebook post. This is where Post Sticker App came in! We created a slide show of 5 interesting ideas and created a cool, simple contest for fans to enter their own ways of using Vaseline Jelly!

It`s an example of how having all the relevant information in one place is great and effective for brand and a customer! And it`s all happening in fans News Feed! No other applications and permissions necessary! Our App also redirects fans to Vaseline website if they need more information about the product.

If our convenient and inventive solution is right for your brand, don`t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you build a stronger interaction with your customers.

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