Creating Smart Apps with Post Sticker’s panel is as simple as doing laundry with Samsung washing machines

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Samsung wanted to promote one of their newest washing mashine lines – Addwash. The choice fell on a good ol’ quiz. It’s motto saunded like “What’s your relationship with your washing mashine, lover or hate”?

The message was simple: You nay not know how annoying your dishwasher is, maybe it’s time for a new one. Yet, the communication was not so straight forward rather likeable. Some questions were connected with the key feature of the products – the ability of adding pieces of clothing during the washing cycle. The Screens of the Smart App were adorned with the everlasting theme of the internets – cats. Apps similar to this one can be easily developed with Post Sticker’s panel, an online app creator. No programming knowledge is needed. Creating the app is an intuitive, step by step process at the end of which awaits a fully functioning Smart App ready to be posted on Facebook and conquer the News Feed!

Did you know you can use our App creator for free up to one month. Ask us for the access at and create your own Smart Apps!

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