Creativity call for all KFC fans! Design a character, all Maxi Twist ingredients are at your disposal!

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We do dedicated Smart Apps from time to time. It’s a great opportunity both for keeping our designers busy and to challenge the development team. Everybody’s happy, none’s getting bored. We like challenges especially when it comes to News Feed interaction, thus it takes up to 99% of our time. Today we would like to present you with something we have come up recently for KFC.

Again, the brand is one of those that come back to us regularly and every time they we have the opportunity to participate in something we really enjoy when finished. This time was no different. We have created a character creator that users played directly in their Facebook News Feed. No extra strings attached, no hidden data collection, pure creativity and a great contest that everybody could take part in. The whole thing started with a choice of the favorite Maxi Twist wrap and on the basis of that pick users supposed to design a character. The tricky part was to use the exact ingredients the wrap was comprised of. Thus, we got loads of cheddar hairy monsters, salad princesses and tomato-eyed cuties. In the end users identified themselves with their e-mails and the best ideas were awarded with Maxi Twist menus. The interaction was ‘tasty’ enough to attract hundreds of users. Yummy!

Take advantage of our solution and start engaging your potential clients today. If you’re not sure which app formats would serve your purposes best drop us a line and we’’ll make sure you make the right choice. We’re here to assist.

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