Credit Agricole issues a saving advisory Smart App!


Have you ever wondered why banks compete in attracting people to set up savings account, even if they must pay interest? In short, that’s the source of a cheap credit for them – banks are allowed to lend even thirty times more money than they received in deposits. We may be confused about such a policy, but the one thing is sure: it results in high standard approach
to customers and well-developed saving programs.

That’s why Credit Agricole turned to us, asking for an app that advises Facebook about saving strategies that match their characters. Users’ approach to saving is analyzed and the quiz informs its taker which Credit Agricole saving account meets his/her needs. Giving advice through the Facebook app has an important advantage: lots of people have no problem with spending two minutes on taking the quiz, but only few could go to a bank branch in aim to talk about their material status. What is more, those who received an advice are more confident
in choosing a saving program – and they will be more willing to choose one of these proposed by Credit Agricole!


If you want to know more about Post Sticker Smart Apps, just write to us at: Our creative team can prepare a free visualization of an app tailored to your brand free of charge, so you can see how it works on your own example!

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