Crunchips is conducting a party-themed psych evaluation! Answer a few questions and take part in the contest!


Crunchips, a part of the Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World, is a brand of well-known and loved crisps. Apart from being identified with the potato delicacy, the company is also a synonym for partying, thanks to its catchphrase – “Where there’s Crunchips, there’s a party!”.

To celebrate the release of three new crisp flavors, the brand asked us to prepare a party-themed survey, where the users were asked about their favorite party-music, shoes and clothes they would most likely wear to a night out and more. At the end of the short test, users were asked whether they want to proceed to an open-ended question and take part in the contest. If they were one of the lucky and creative people, they could win amazing must-haves for party lovers – wireless headphones and snack giftsets!


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