Crunchips teamed up with YouTube star Chwytak for some hit songs, whilst Smart App counted the votes!


How to convince people to watch your content? Let people vote for their favourite! In this case the voting applied to music videos. The Smart App asked which of three clips you like the most and provided an interactive counter for all of them. So, why this one with disco music is much more popular than hip-hop version? Aren’t you feeling a little bit intrigued?
The users are supposed to vote through hashtags, which are counted automatically from the comment section, and the result (in this case in percentage terms) is displayed within the app.

To incentive Facebook users additionally, Crunchips announced that comments including both specific hashtag and a proposal about new crisps taste could be awarded. Organizing contests in this way, Crunchips gains in few ways: The brand receives feedback, makes their content visible, boosts engagement and builds a positive rapport with consumers. Doesn’t it sound better than annoying people with unskippable ads, does it?


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