Customers benefit from L’Oreal Biolage and L’Oreal Biolage benefits from Post Sticker Smart Apps!


The cosmetic industry is hard to conquer as big players know the market throughout and specialize in marketing built on sense of beauty. Nonetheless, some brands come up with ideas that allow them to outperform their competitors. The L’Oreal Biolage case is a great example what to do to be one step ahead in marketing actions.

They turned to us for a multitasking app. At the beginning, users respond to two questions about their habits and cosmetics shopping choices – open and closed ones. Afterwards, they decide which day and hour suits them best, since as awards L’Oreal Biolage provides eight free hair treatments! Let’s have a look at how much they benefit from the app. Firstly, answers
to these questiona are a great piece feedback, so L’oreal saves on the market research. Secondly, the app acts like an interactive schedule, assigning contest participants to free dates. The last, but not least – taking part requires providing personal data, so L’Oreal received lots
of sales leads. Just imagine, what kind of logistic process it would be without a Post Sticker App!


Post Sticker Apps are fully adjustable, so each of them could contain embedded quiz, e-mails picking, games, slideshows and lots of even more interactive components. If you are curious about what we can prepare for you, just hit us up at

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