Desperados – Tequila Flavored Beer calls for free partying’ trains. They got their owns and invite fans via Post Sticker smart app

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Through five weeks, every week there is a party train leaving from chosen destinations to the most densely populated with party-oriented people seaside area – Gdynia. Should they count you in? Well, there is a way. The brand has decided to promote the event via social media and with great support from their team at K2 Internet has found an innovative way to go viral. Post Sticker has been invited to take part in that project and we have created a smart app that hosts a contest where people can win invitations for Desperados train.

Here is the flow; the app is playable directly in Facebook News Feed, looks and behaves exactly like a YouTube video. All that users have to do is click-to-play and they’re presented with a board where they have to make their first choice, out of the two in total. They can either win an invitation for the party Deperados train, or simply pick a double ticket for any train they like. Once they make their minds they’re asked to set their preferred pick up point. Now the challenge, in order to win one has to say what makes in their opinion a party, OFC besides Desperados. Submit their personal data like: names, e-mails, phone numbers agree to certain terms and conditions and that’s it!

As a icing on the cake, the app works great on mobile so any holiday-goers, or hitchhikers can make use of it as well anywhere they are. Apart from that, thanks to the embedding feature it has been pasted onto the Desperados landing page. Quite a few ways to grab your fans attention – way to go. Loaded like a freight train, flyin’ like an aeroplane…

As Post Sticker we offer great tool for 100% customization of over 12 default apps playable in News Feed, from variety of quizzes to opinion polls, but also take care of some more interesting dedicated implementations. If you’re not sure how to take advantage of the solution just drop us a line. We’re here to help!

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