Discover your culinary nature with Maggi. See if you’re a Kitchen star, Cooking master or the master of spice!


One of Post Sticker’s Classics, the personality test, became part of Maggis’ campaign. How? Well, the brand was executing a long campaign that involved a line of three limited edition Maggi bottles. Given the fact – the choice of personality test was quite easy to make.

The client has decided for three cooking questions with four possible results: “Kitchen star”, “Cooking master” or “The master of spice”! There also was an additional result under the name of “Culinary prodigy”, a mix of all three types. One of cool features of some personality tests, including this one, are personalized sharing screens. While sharing, users would get a sharing screen with their results. And that’s what their friends will see in the News Feed. Of course, until they complete the quiz themselves and get their own result and sharing screen. Cooking is like the new rock and roll now, and such promotions are totally on point!

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