Do you consider yourself a great chef? Have you invented any original recipes? Kenwood decided to check your skills using Post Sticker custom Contest!


Kenwood is a well-known brand producing kitchenware for both amateurs and pros. Since they wanted to maintain a good, sincere relationship with their fans and clients, they needed an interactive and engaging content. Guess who have they contacted immediately? That’s right – the Creative Team from Post Sticker!

Since cooking is really trendy and popular right now, many people crave for professional equipment facilitating their hobby. Kenwood decided to meet those desires and launched a contest allowing one talented Chef to win a first class food processor. Huge opportunity just few clicks away, right on Facebook’s News Feed!

The campaign consisted of two phases – choosing the main ingredient via Live App with hash vote and the actual recipe contest. The contestants had to upload their original recipe with a specified product as a key ingredient – the hero of the week, picked by Kenwood’s fans in the previous Smart App. They also had to prove their creativity by taking and uploading a photo of a ready-to-serve dish. The process was performed twice, so Kenwood fans had two chances for the prize.


Thanks to inspiring branded content applications’ engagement went through the roof! Our Smart App allowed Kenwood not only to interact with their clients, expend their fan base, but also position themselves as a major supporter of amateur Chefs!


CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

Post Sticker Smart Apps once again proved the power of engaging content. If you want our Creative Team to think of something applicable to your brand strategy, or you already have your own idea, write to us at and boost your social media activity!

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