Do you remember your best party ever? If you don’t, our Smart App made for Wyborowa is here to show you how to party. In three, simultaneous ways!


You may not remember your best party, but surely you can recall few of them. There are many things, that create a great festive atmosphere. One of them is, of course, good alcohol, which brings us closer together and suits the occasion. Since everyone has their favorite kind, Wyborowa – the famous polish distiller, decided to launch a campaign based on 3 kinds of vodka, distinguishing three main ingredients: potato, wheat and rye. They were associated with 3 different kinds of parties. The trick of the campaign was a video with three alternative versions. In the Smart App, users could switch between the 3 clips by pressing buttons. Thanks to our Smart App you could watch three promotional movies at once and choose your favorite party. Each of them went together with one kind of drink. The purpose of this App was to promote a contest ran by Wyborowa, where you had to pick the party you would like to go to and explain your choice in an open-text question. A Smart App with an interactive video turned out to be a great click-through engine that directed the flow fron the News Feed to the brand’s site.


Many companies search for an attention-gaining way to engage their customers in promotional activities they are running. If you are one of them just hit us up at Our Creative Team will get back to you as fast as possible!

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