Do you think you know everything about Paulaner? Take a test and find out!


We were thrilled when a great brand like Paulaner decided to work with us. We are proud how Post Sticker Apps are a great way for brands to getting to know their customers. But this time Paulaner wanted to make it the other way around!

We created an app that is a 5 question test on Paulaner beer and brands history. True fans were able to show off their devotion, and they get a reward for it! The prizes are Paulaner beer sets, that go to first 50 people who answered correctly on all questions.

How awesome is that?! And everything is within Facebook News Feed! We are big fans of Paulaner`s social media fan interactions and how perfectly Post Sticker Apps go with it!

We are always very happy to see our original solutions work with good innovative ideas. If your brand is looking for something different, write to us at We`ll embrace your brands creativity!

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