Do you want to enrich your main photo? Make it Kenyan!


Since the Facebook algorithm has been changed in June 2016, being visible on people’s News Feeds became harder for marketers. The content uploaded through pages is much less visible than this from friends. That’s why content marketing which provides entertainment becomes more and more important part of campaigns.

Make it Kenyan foundation proved that they know Social Media realities as well as big brands like Lay’s, Sprite or Huawei. The common feature of them all is a Post Sticker Smart App that edit users’ photos. A clever product placement rises brand awareness sufficiently, especially
if users put on photos of their friends. In this case, it was the strap with logo of +254 campaign promoting Kenyan national proudness and other elements enriching photos with positive vibes and fun.


If you want to get your customers engaged, our Smart Apps would be a great option for you. Our creative team can prepare something unique! You can get in touch with us at

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