Don’t expect too much focus from Facebook scrollers – provide them with some fun and their attention will follow.


When it comes to spending time on Social Media, we are all a little bit lazy. Long text post? Sorry, don’t read. The truth is, we tend to scroll through Facebook when we are a bit bored,
or in search for a moment of fun and entertainment. This is the reason why content marketing thrives, but only some of its branches are interesting enough to convince scrollers to check out a message from a given brand, especially a message addressed to broad masses of users.

Why use gamification?

And here comes gamification. It’s basically implementing interactive game formats to engage people in what you have to offer. Creating thematic games seems to be the last instance tool when it comes to reaching ad-proof Social Media users. You don’t have to follow any page
or identify with any brand to check its branded game, which is simply enjoyable. Additionally, embedding it into a Facebook post makes it free of discouraging transitions or gates. (You can learn more about gated vs ungated content here).

Stick&Play game formats

A good example of gamification strategy put into practice is the Skill to Kill game, launched
by Zee Studio, at the occasion of ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ TV premiere. The view of Jason Statham holding a virtual gun and a possibility to become him for a while makes all fans
of action movies interested in participating. What is more, reflex games, draw users’ attention stronger than anything else does, so people will surely remember about their first run and keep playing to move up in the ranking and win the contest.

Red Bull takes one step ahead in attributing importance of games in their campaign. They came up with an idea to deliver Red Bull cans across Warsaw and Cracow to all people who played their game. They could make the app so relevant mostly due to its adjustability, as Smart Apps can contain different mechanisms – games, quizzes and data collectors too.

It’s worth to reconsider functionality of this kind of simple game formats, as the process
of learning how to use them lasts seconds, but a product placement could influence users more than in case of any other marketing tool. Gamification thrives, because companies learned about the importance of customer experience. If you want to know how Smart Apps can boost the effects of your marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact with us at

To find out more about gamification check out the infographic below:


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