Dr Witt advises how to remain vivacious, on the basis of your lifestyle answers!


In our times, it’s hard to determine what makes you lethargic – demanding lifestyle or lack of some vital vitamins. There are different nutrition calculators, however exhausted people rather aren’t eager to learn how to use them and keep a diary.

That’s why Dr Witt, a producer of premium fruit juices, asked us to creating a short interactive quiz, analysing the basic information about user’s lifestyle and eating habits. It’s hard to assume and assess yourself, but what about an interactive quiz doing that for us…? Of course, nothing can replace a service of professional dietician. The true aim of the app is to promote good habits and its convenient form makes it strongly efficient.


All Post Sticker apps are displayed on Facebook like videos and don’t require any allowances concerning personal data from its users. So, in contrary to standard Facebook apps, Smart Apps become popular and have the viral potential. If you are curious how we can support your marketing campaign, simply ask us at contact@poststicker.com.

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