DrWitt knows that there’s never enough knowledge about healthy habits!


An awareness of the impact that the right nutrition, proper sleeping habits and physical activities have on our lives increases, but there is still a room for improvement in this area.
In fact, human bodies act similarly to cars – it’s not enough to simply fuel it regularly and ride indefinitely. If you don’t care about an engine oil, brake fluid and appearing rust, after some time something will break. The same happens if your diet lacks vitamins and other microelements.

That’s why DrWitt, a juice producer, turned to us for a Post Sticker quiz that verifies its followers’ knowledge about the right nutrition patterns and healthy habits. The quick test allows people to realize what they actually know about a healthy lifestyle. The last screen also includes a short promotion of multivitamin juice and invites to learn more about natural ways
of boosting an immune system. Those who didn’t score well in the quiz are encouraged to visit the DrWitt’s website; those aware of the right nutrition don’t need any incentive as they are naturally interested in the topic.


If you have some questions or want to hear more about the role of Post Sticker Smart Apps
in social media campaigns, don’t hesitate to ask! Our team is here for you: contact@poststicker.com.

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