Enlighten your fans like Philips did!


Imagine that you set up a new car manufacturing company. You invested a lot in a currently unknown, but surely the best technology – your vehicles are simultaneously durable, ecologic, nimble, good-looking and cheap. It is in your interest to make customers well informed about automotive industry – the quality of your products is the best advertisement. Such situation takes place in every branch of the market.

The Philips’ team, responsible for lighting, asked us for a Smart App which could highlight
the features of their LED light bulbs. We made a Post Sticker quiz concerning specifics of their technology and its influence on sense of comfort. Users, encouraged by the entertaining form of the app, learn a lot about solid advantages of Philips light bulbs and get rid of any prejudice towards led light. The last screen includes a button transmitting to landing page what increases the number of views.


If you are interested or simply want to know more about Post Sticker’s Smart Apps, just write to us at: contact@poststicker.com. Our creative team can prepare a free visualization of an app prepared specially for your brand (for the discounted price of 0$/€/£), so you can see how it works on your own example!

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