Evening, bath, cup of tea, relaxation… perfect time to browse News Feed and take part in Dove’s competition!


Dove wanted to perform a nice and gentle contest to sustain the brands image connected mostly with women. The outcome was an exceptionally feminine Smart App; A test and a competition in one. Main theme of the app was beauty and getting people together, connecting the close ones – hence the open text question about the closest female friend. But, before that, users were asked to to answer some questions about physical attributes. Now, here’s the trick: there could be only one result, the one that tells women they’re beautiful. An app with a message, you can say! Like most of our contests, this one also included a name and E-mail address collection and a sharing button in the final screen.

We are here for you, in case of any questions, dont’t hesitate to write to us at: contact@poststicker.com.

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