Every mother is special, all of them in a different way!


On the occasion of Mother’s Day, QMI Entertainment, responsible for the promotion of an italian movie – “La verità vi spiego sull’amore” that briefly translates to “I’ll tell you the truth about love” asked us for creating a Smart App with a quiz. The app could seem controversial, but in fact it wasn’t at all: the answer to ‘what kind of mother are you’ question was different dependently on the quiz answers, but it always contained deep appreciation and a good taste humour.

QMI proved that brands can promote itself indirectly, launching i.e. apps which don’t concern their products, but touch on issues commonly likeable. Such attitude builds a positive rapport with potential clients and attracts more people to use the app. The stats here were quite satisfying: 1k of likes and reactions, 152 shares (each result had it’s own sharing screen that appeared on users’ profiles) and nearly 50 comments.

Quiz is one of the most popular and efficient social media tools when it comes to engaging fans, but Smart Apps provide much wider scope of kinds. If you want to know which one fits best to your company, get in touch with us at contact@poststicker.com.


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