Express your feelings with Coca-Cola & Post Sticker! Create and send valentine’s card through a Smart App <3


I don’t think we have to introduce this company: Coca-Cola – one of the most iconic brands in the world has contacted Post Sticker again to use our innovative solutions for social media. “Taste the feeling”- company’s slogan leads us directly to the world of emotions and sharing them with others. After successful birthday card campaign, now there’s a moment for Valentine’s Day. And as we all know there’s no Valentine’s Day without telling about our feelings!

Best friend, siblings, boyfriend, girlfriend or maybe parents? Think of someone you would like to gift and use Coca Cola’s online love card creator in an interactive Smart App. How cool is that! You can choose not only the graphics but also the most fitting text. Just one click to share it with your beloved ones! It’s quick, easy and can make one’s day better ☺


As you can see, Post Sticker’s Smart Apps can be used in many different scenarios. Brands like them so much they keep coming back for more! We’ll be glad to prepare something for you if you are interested. Contact us on: for more details.

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