Family Feud broadcasted live in on Facebook is no joke! ASUS goes live with a super popular TV show but in News Feed.


What else is there when it comes to live video posts apart from voting and collecting Reactions?! Word games always get a lot of attention, so we went that direction! It turned out there are absolutely no limits apart from our Live Apps creative team imagination! This time we have come up with a reinvented version of a hyper popular TV show – Family Feud by ASUS!


The whole interaction took place live on Facebook, in ASUS followers’ News Feed. The brand asked a single question that people could give multiple answers to. However, each answer had its own preset threshold level that users had to reach in order to get the word displayed within the Live App. There were 7 various types followers could come up with and post # comments. Once the preset number of #comments has been reached the word went up to the Family Feud board. In the end, the person who was the last one to uncover the last word in the list of most popular answers was awarded with ASUS Zenphone.


Views: 21k
Reactions: 112
Comments: 7,8k

If you’re interested in turning another TV show into a Live App video post on Facebook, do not hesitate and get in touch at It’s worth it!

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