Feed-gaming and smart content marketing aligned. Dell has connected the dots.

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We have just fired off a game for our partner X-Kom.pl that we would like to boast about, just for a sec, if you don’t mind. We are really proud to announce it cause it’s a little bit different from the usual engines we provide on a daily basis.

It is widely known that Dell, X-Kom’s supplier, has gone beyond the common practices and introduced a widely praised service called In-Home Service. Whenever something bad happens to anyone’s PC the brands technicians are at customer’s beck and call, literally.

We’ve heard stories, some of you probably too, about picking up broken laptops in a blink of an eye, and their rapid maintenance or replacement without any objections or unnecessary hassle. We got our tiny part now in the whole machine by developing a game that promotes the company’s flawless customer service policy.


To cut the long story short, the game is all about connecting dots, but the way you do on a motherboard; no empty slots allowed. The tricky part is that players have limited number of equipment. There is a great number of boards that pose a challenge, so each time you fire the game directly in your News Feed it won’t be the same. Become a Dell’s serviceman, connect the dots and get “The Power To Do More”!

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