Find the perfect cosmetics for your skin. Douglas serves with an advice.


Post Sticker’s smart apps can be used to fit products to customers’ needs and, what is even more important, to offer them the best selection of products. Since we spend a lot of time browsing our News Feed on Facebook, placing promotional content there makes lots of sense – it wouldn’t be an over assumption to say that fans actually expect brands to perform promotions like this!

As a form of additional promotion for mother’s day, Douglas has decided to offer its fans something special and communicate it through a smart app. After a couple of questions about lifestyle, age (of course we’re not supposed to, but in this case it’s relevant), skin condition and expectations, the app displayed a recommended line of cosmetics. The products photo was also a hyperlink to Douglas’ website. Up there, viewers were presented with specific lines of cosmetics with four special offers.


Do you want something special for your brand’s fan page? Let us know:, we’ll be glad to help, prepare a mock up or even create the whole app from scratch!

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