Firestone tires deliver you everywhere, combined with Smart App, Barcelona it is!


There is only one better way to have a journey of life than free flight to Barcelona. It is free flight to Barcelona with your BFF, with double tickets to Primavera Sound Festival and accommodation in 4-stars hotel. If you wish, Formula 1 pilot Stefano Modena waits to have a drive with you both.

Our team created an app for Firestone taht served as the mechanism behind their Facebook contest. Answer three brief questions about your friendship, predict the closest number of contestants and cool the champagne while waiting for the results.
The simplicity of this app basis on displaying the quiz directly in the News Feed which makes it popular and grants a viral potential, especially when we talk about contests with prizes to win! It boosts range of followers who see the post and builds positive rapport with followers, what incentives their friends to like the page too. Let us push your snowball and watch how it grows!

Congratulations to forthcoming prize winners and many thanks to Firestone for fruitful cooperation. We had a joy contributing to someone’s amazing journey. Any questions? Just write to us on


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